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Banking And Automation Solutions In India

CBSL offers Electronic Cheque deposit Machine to get instant cheque deposit confirmation. Various banks are using this solution.
Pan India presence with more than 1400 installations on branch sites and Off site.
More than 500 engineers supporting the installations guaranteeing maximum up time of machines.
All machines offered on OPEX model so no fixed investment by banks. Banks can discontinue service any time if utility of the machine is not justified. All up gradations/technology enhancements done free of cost by us. Bank is always using the latest technology and solution at no extra /incremental cost and equipment never becomes obsolete/redundant.
Solutions offered :

  • Electronic Cheque Drop Kiosk Automatic Cheque Drop Box (With Camera)
  • Cheque Deposit Kiosk EzeeQ Management System (EzeeQ)
  • Easy Pass Book Printer KIOSK (EPBP)
  • Cash Deposit Kiosk (CDK)
Our research is a significant opportunity exists to increase the level of automation in the back offices that indicates . Renewed its IT architecture , banks deal origination very small operational units such as complex processes , such as financial review activities including the value-adding tasks that require human intervention , can run .
, and to support automated decision making or prevent customers ) . By taking full advantage of this approach , banks often improve productivity and customer service can generate more than 50 percent .
Some banks already taking steps toward realizing the potential opportunities are considerable . Fully automated, partially automated and manual " lean " : for example , a large universal bank in three great states classify more than 900 end-to- end processes . The bank's current full-time employees (FTEs) , accounting for 80 percent to 85 percent of their operations , at least partially automated - theoretically , could be determined . At the time of this analysis , at least 50 percent of these processes were automated at all . Automation has reached a great level , approximately 50 percent of FTEs in the operation of its existing back-office functions can be free . 
Banking And Automation Solutions In India

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Banking And Automation Solutions In India Banking And Automation Solutions In India

Social Responsibility

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Document

CBSL is dedicated to providing a safe and healthful environment. In regards to the above we aim at the following:

  • Preventing accidents and ill health of the employees while at work and also preserving CBSL's assets and properties.
  • Facilitating regular health and safety audits and conducting annual managerial reviews.
  • Complying with all the regulatory and legislative requirements.
  • Training to the employees to perform their jobs in safe and risk free manner.

Labour Policy

CBSL is working on Model Standing Order of Labour laws applicable in India.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy Document

CBSL recognizes that care of the environment is a central business concern and we are dedicated to operating in a manner that achieves the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution.

The senior management of CBSL is committed to achieving the most appropriate standards of environmental management relevant to our business and to ensuring that our businesses meet all regulatory and legislative requirements.

Our environmental management system identifies our environmental aspects and the associated impacts of our operations i.e. material section, energy usage and waste materials generations. We strive to reduce the environmental impacts of these operations ,our products and services using appropriate environmental solutions and technologies whilst continuing to support our customers.

CBSL’s commitment to the environment and society is at large. It takes all the initiatives to prevent wasteful use of resources thus being a responsible corporate citizen. It recognizes the importance of atmosphere and thus takes all the actions for the prevention of pollution.


The Programme seeks to teach the uneducated. It provides education to those children who could not afford basic education.

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