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In an enterprise like offices (can be private or government), insurance companies, legal courts, businesses, education system, industries, hospitals etc., there is a lot of work which is to be done in papers whether they are hard copy or soft copy.

An electronic document management system is a system of software which is used for organizing and storing different kinds of documents. This technology is used to capture, manage, preserveand deliver content and documents.


The DMS flow is quite simplistic and unsophisticated. Abinitio, from the file store rooms, files are handed over for digitization by the customer. The files are received and job cards are prepared. Then, job cards are assigned to the files to initialize document preparation. The prepared documents are checked and verified by the image quality check. Finally, indexing is done to organize deliverable data.

digitization workflow

Why EDMS (Electronic Document Management Solutions)

1. Improve access to records and information: A user can search a document with a single search query. An archived document can be easily found by doing some mouse clicks.

2. Easy recovery:It is practically impossible to back up all the documents and papers and also it is an expensive and unguarded way to keep that data. Electronic document management solution provides facility to back up your data and that backup can be used in case of data loss.

3. Improve customer services: DMS allows locating and retrieving documents instantaneously. This will result in increase in efficiency and it will also save time to respond to the customer. Accessed information can be mailed or faxed to the customer instantaneously.

4. Share your information: Documents, images and information can be shared via LAN, on the company intranet or the internet. You can also share your data by removable medias like pen-drives, CD/DVD, hard disks etc.

5. Ideas are always invited: Company authorized personnel can view the documents, images and information. They can give their suggestion and ideas to make changes in the existing files. They can markup redlines on the suggested change, these redlines is marked on another separate layer over the original file. By this way original file is kept safe.

6. Abrogate filing process: There are so many papers in an enterprise. The major problem in the paper documents is to do filing work. It is not possible to remember exact location of a file or a specified paper in the bundles of files. This problem is eliminated in digitalization. Electronic documents are kept in different folders to which they belong. They can easily be found by using multiple search techniques.

7. Organized information: Proper indexing of the files have been done so that they can be found easily and in a faster way.

CBSL EDMS (Electronic Document Management Solutions) Advantages

A Document Management System is the traffic cop that brings order to this chaos: organizing it by client/matter, categorizing the types of documents and directing them to the proper place. The primary goal is to eliminate paper and the cost associated with it.

The broad categorizations of the activities associated within the scanning activities are as follows:-

document management system process


Software Team : - CBSL has excellent team of Programmers who have developed softwares like EDMS and these softwares are running succssfully. We have developed many softwares for our clients to use in different areas like administration, accounts, human resource, purchase, attandance tracker and work flow solutions etc.

Scanners : - One of the most importane part of any EDMS providing company is availability of different kind of Scanners. CBSL has more than 450 scanners in running for various clients. These scanners are:

We have developed a unique innovative integrated document management model - by incorporating together the, basics of Service/Physical Storages with Document Management Solutions (DMS) and Data Storage procedures. Innovative integrated document management model benefits break down into two main types; Tangible and Intangible:

Tangible benefits would include the following :

Tangible benefits would include the following

This model presents set of complete and integrated document management procedure initiating from facilitating the documentation by segregating and aligning the files, affixing unique bar codes, transferring files into application, scanning the bar codes, and updating the application with location to executing the data storage through data uploading. Scanning documents and integrating them into a document management system provides flexibility in data storage and greatly reduces the amount of prime storage space required by paper. It also allows any documents that still have to be stored as paper to be stored in less expensive locations.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)/Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

The integrated model creates electronic images of documents and stores them centrally. It provides key DMS procedures such as the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR). ICR is provided for converting the scanned paper documents, PDF files or images captured by a digital camera, while OCR is provided for comprehending different styles of fonts and handwritten texts into editable and searchable data

Data upload to File Transfer Protocol (FTP)/ Document Management Solutions (DMS) software

This model presents set of complete and integrated document management procedure initiating from facilitating the documentation by segregating and aligning the files to executing the data storage through data uploading on FTP/DMS softwares. These are the standard network protocols, generally built at client servers to transfer computer files from one or more host locations, over a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)-based online/internet network. Server adapters receive data from multiple host locations and upload them. This feature allows multiple users to access files on remote systems using a standard set of simple commands. Thus also allowing online approvals, and facilitates monitoring and proper reporting.

Verification and flexible indexing

Images of documents stored within the integrated model can be indexed in several different ways simultaneously. This model provides procedure initiating from facilitating the documentation by segregating and aligning the files, affixing unique bar codes, transferring files into application, scanning the bar codes, etc.

Controlled and Improved Document distribution

Imaging provides an easier way to share documents electronically with colleagues and clients over a network, by email or via the Web in a controlled manner. The Open Print solution provides necessary ability to consolidate all office-related documents for industrial batch printing, thus allowing the organizations to significantly reduce the internal costs. The paper invoice is scanned and is provided to the inbox. Thus, with just a single click, the organizations can search for and process its documents and files, pertaining to their specific queries and multiple requirements.

The integrated model provides audit trails of documents such as 'who viewed an item, when or who modified an item'. It also assists in digital archiving, disaster recovery, improved regulatory compliances, and several other relevant project management activities till the final completion of the integrated task. Thus with a combination of security control, audit trails, archiving and disaster recover features, the model ensures that an organization is able to authenticate the validity of information stored and demonstrate compliance with multiple regulations and requirements.

In-Tangible benefits include :

Improved Internal Operations

The reduced time to complete processes provided by the tangible benefits, improves the day-to-day functioning within an organization, leading to an improved scale of internal operations.

Competitive Edge

The integrated document management system provides a secure integration with an extensive list of diverse business applications, websites, scanners, and other third-party softwares. This 'reduced time-to-market' effect can be for products, services, support - all of which improves the impression the external recipients and provides a competitive edge over the competitors.

Improved customer service and satisfaction

Custom integrations are also available to address organization's particular needs and assist increasing its productivity. With such powerful features attached and integrated, it bring together - data, content and processes by integrating technology with the core business systems and providing sufficient time to the system, allowing it to respond swiftly and accurately. Therefore, providing reduced response times, better professional responses, and controlled operational processes, hence enhances the customer satisfaction levels significantly.

Preserve Intellectual Capital

The integrated document management model does not rely on 'myraid-conversations' or 'round-robin emails'. The locality of information is also not locked to any specific 'heads' and can be easily shared across departments and physical locations, hence preserving the Intellectual Capital.

To manage organization's business processes and procedures, it not only seamlessly integrates with the tools used in the daily life, but also includes customizable, web-based case management software solutions, enabling the managements to have access to better facilities, streamlining daily business schedules and saving valuable time and associated costs. Our integrated Document Management Integration Solutions have certainly taken DMS and data storage procedures to the Next Level. It is undoubtedly fast, easy, and affordable-that's why so many customers around the globe are now-a-days going for our seamless Document Management Integration Solutions!

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