Milestones & Achievements
Milestones & Achievements

Milestones & Achievements


CBSL was the first private company to print ballot papers for the Lok Sabha elections in the year 1996, adapting to time restrictions for exceptionally quick delivery. We continue to print ballot papers till today, and work closely with the state governments, central agencies & PSU banks for digitisation, IT solutions, bank automation, security printing & other printing solutions.


Over 100,000 banking machines have been meticulously designed in accordance with our corporate standard of environment-friendly product design and development. Energy conservation is prioritised by educating users to switch machines on when necessary. An appropriate disposal of printer consumables, batteries, cleaning & maintenance materials is also emphasised.


CBSL successfully completed the largest digital transformation project in Asia – the physical record management & destruction of all Indian citizen records. This involved the digitisation of 270 crore records of Indian citizens & six lakh cartons. This is a significant milestone in the history of CBSL Group, which further solidified our reputation as a highly trusted & reliable company.


CBSL's record management is the fastest growing company in the industry. This is evident from the consistent migration of customers from other companies to CBSL on an annual basis, driven by our exceptional service standards. Notably, CBSL has successfully handled one of the largest migration projects in record management services - of more than 1.4 lakh cartons, exemplifying our leadership.


Due to our reputation for delivering quality service on time, coupled with excellent customer support, CBSL Group is privileged to have been selected nationwide by SBI for their CKYC project. This comprehensive project encompasses digitisation, physical record management, document storage software, and data processing solutions.

1,250+ MAN-YEARS

With a highly experienced team, CBSL Group stands as a powerhouse in various industries. Our team comprises highly skilled professionals who have dedicated themselves to mastering their respective fields. We take great pride in the wealth of knowledge and expertise that our team brings to every project we deliver.


Milestones & Achievements
Milestones & Achievements


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