Security Priniting

Printing financial documents such as cheques, drafts, fixed deposit receipts, letter of guarantees, and letter of credit on security paper is crucial to prevent forgery, tampering, or counterfeiting, which can lead to financial losses due to fraud.

We specialise in printing MICR/CTS compliant cheque books for various banks. As a security printer, we have been approved by the Indian Bank Association for over a decade.

With our advanced Security Printing Press, we are trusted for printing secure cheques, bank drafts, and even ballot papers for state-level elections. Additionally, we print school educational books for state governments under World Bank funded projects and Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan. We offer customised solutions to meet your printing requirements using our state-of-the-art printing infrastructure.

2.5 Billion
security documents

5 Decades
of security
printing experience

The CBSL Advantage

  • IBA approved security printers
  • Specialisation in ballot paper printing
  • School books printing under World Bank projects
  • Infrastructure designed with a strong emphasis on fortification
  • High-security standards implemented for printing assignments
  • Managed by retired high-ranking defence officers, as well as ex-servicemen

Frequently Asked Questions

Security printers are specialised printing facilities equipped to produce high-security documents to prevent forgery, tampering, and counterfeiting. CSSPL, an IBA-approved security printer, specialises in Security Printing solutions.

With over a decade of experience, CSSPL provides Security Printing solutions for cheques, drafts, fixed deposit receipts, and other financial documents. Their advanced Security Printing Press ensures the integrity and authenticity of printed materials.

Managed by retired high-ranking defence officers and ex-servicemen, CSSPL's security printers uphold high-security standards to deliver reliable Security Printing solutions.

A secure printing method involves using advanced techniques and technologies to ensure the authenticity and integrity of printed documents. CSSPL's Security Printing solutions incorporate high-security standards and specialised infrastructure to prevent forgery and counterfeiting.

Their secure printing methods are used to produce MICR/CTS-compliant cheque books, bank drafts, and ballot papers. By employing these secure printing methods, CSSPL's Security Printing solutions provide reliable protection for financial and sensitive documents, ensuring they remain tamper-proof and authentic.

The products of Security Printing solutions include financial documents such as cheques, drafts, fixed deposit receipts, letters of guarantee, and letters of credit. CSSPL's Security Printing solutions also encompass ballot papers for state-level elections and educational books for state governments under World Bank-funded projects.

Their Security Printing solutions ensure these products are printed on security paper to prevent forgery, tampering, or counterfeiting. CSSPL's specialised Security Printing solutions provide customised products to meet the diverse needs of their clients, ensuring high-security standards.

The applications of Security Printing solutions are vast and essential for various sectors. CSSPL's Security Printing solutions are crucial for printing financial documents like cheques, drafts, and fixed deposit receipts to prevent financial fraud.

Their Security Printing solutions are also used for ballot paper printing for state-level elections, ensuring the integrity of the voting process. Additionally, CSSPL's Security Printing solutions are applied in printing educational books for state governments under World Bank projects. These applications demonstrate the importance of Security Printing solutions in safeguarding sensitive and valuable documents across different domains.


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