CSSPL is actively involved in promoting the Green Energy Initiative. We facilitate energy conservation with the goal of assisting banks and PSU organisations in reducing their carbon footprints. Our solar power solutions provide uninterrupted and guaranteed power supply, available 24/7, and are remotely monitored to power ATMs and bank branches. They are specifically designed for rural and semi-urban areas where power availability may be limited.

The installation of solar systems for ATMs and bank branches in power-deficient areas is a primary component of our solar power solutions. This is particularly beneficial in rural and semi-urban areas, as it enables the rural population to access banking services round the clock, even in the absence of electricity.

Metric Tons of
CO2 saved

MW of green
energy generated

above sea level is our
highest Solar ATM

The CBSL Advantage

  • Empowering the rural population with solar-powered ATMs
  • No capital investment required for banks
  • Clean source of energy with zero carbon emissions
  • A complete alternative solution to diesel generators
  • Banking access for 3 million rural & semi-urban citizens



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