The prestigious time bound project of printing and supply of 24.16 Lakhs Books for Department of Education, valued at Rs. 110 million for Haryana State Govt. has been successfully completed within 28 days by our committed printing team.



This massive Rs.110million project was accomplished only in 28 days by our committed printing team, without compromising the quality and reliability of our service. The hard work, dedication and perfection of CBSL operations in security printing have been showcased once again by our highly professional team.

This Division has most modern Security Printing Press in Delhi for the last more than 21 years and is engaged in the printing of Lottery Tickets but also Security Forms like Cheque Books, Bank Drafts, Cash Certificates, special security forms like Sales Tax, ST-14 and ST-1 Forms, Revenue Receipt Books, Entertainment and Passanger Tax Stamps for Government Departments and Bus Tickets of various State Roadways besides Ballot Papers of some State Governments.

CBSL Group's Security Printing Division has undertaken various following projects in the past :

  • - Printing of Cheque Books, Bank Drafts, Gift Cheques and such other allied non-MICR Security items

  • - Airline Tickets

  • - Passenger Tax Stamps

  • - Sales Tax ST-14 and 15 Forms

  • - Customs Revenue Books

  • - C-Forms

  • - Computerised Bus Tickets

  • - Ballot Papers

  • - Any other sophisticated printed forms of banks and public organisation

  • - Workbooks for Education Department

  • - Education Books for World Bank Projects