Highlights of the programme:

  • - CBSL is supporting one science Centre at Patna, Bihar.
  • - The year from April 2020 onwards Agastya has conducted virtual classes through Google meet plate form.
  • - Total Students Exposures: 10944
  • - Total Number of unique students: 140


Topic covered in Science & Mathematics are mentioned below:

  • - Physics : Laws of Motion, Basic Concept of Motion such as Displacement, acceleration, speed, Uniform and nonuniform Cell, Force, Different types of Force, Difference between Mass and Weight.

  • - Chemistry : Metal & Non-metal, Kitchen Chemistry, Chemical Effect of Current, electrolysis, electroplating.

  • - Biology : Body Movements, Cell, Tissue, Organs, Unicellular and Multicellular.

  • - Mathematics : Measurements, Statistics, Area and Perimeter.



During Online Explore, Play & Learn sessions we learnt about different topics like measurements, Kitchen Chemistry etc. which has helped me in gaining knowledge.- Asha Kumari (class – 7), M S Dhirachak


We get to learn new topics in every session on daily basis. We had physical engagement classes with necessary precautions as per Government guidelines. We had many doubts which was cleared during the physical engagement classes. Agastya Thank you.- Anuja Kumari, Rajkiye Girls High School, Chitkohara.


Agastya International Foundation is doing a good job by starting online sessions during school lockdown, this has helped students a lot as they have not wasted a year. Topics discussed during these sessions is very interesting and the teaching method is very much appreciated. Thank you Agastya.- Shalini Sinha (HT) BMV Yarpur