"Record" constitutes any document or source of information compiled, recorded or stored in written form or by the electronic process, or by CDs, pen drives, or by any other means, in any other manner. Normally records go beyond the boundaries of an office routine, some are also classified and their able management is imperative for the proper functioning of any organization. In some cases, these records also need to go 'physically' beyond the peripherals of an official boundary, enhancing need of more safety and security of such records. Records management during transport is perhaps the 'weakest link' in record safety of any organization. The recreation of such tangible pieces, in advent of a loss may not only bring severe loss of money and time, but also loss of credibility to any organization. Therefore, record keeping and maintenance, during transport occupies a strategic position in an efficient and effective record management system of any organization.



We have developed a unique innovative records management model - Record Management System (RMS). By integrating features such as GPS Installation, Vehicle Branding and Facility Management features, our newly developed RMS model aims at providing a comprehensive, accessible, cost effective solution assisting organizations in achieving unprecedented levels of safety, security, accountability, efficiency and profitability. These record-keeping innovations provide expert records, knowledge and information management. The important features of RMS model are explained below:

GPS installation :- The newly developed record management too, RMS provides the primary feature of a 'GPS Installation'. The GPS Installations are provided to vehicles, bringing the added convenience of easy traveling, accessibility, enhanced safety, proper monitoring and protection. As stated above, there are cases where there is need of records moving-out of physical boundaries of an organization. In such advents, there are requirements of constant tracking/monitoring of records (even by a minute) till it reaches its proper destination. This foregoing seems to point to the need for a sound record management system. The new innovations in the RMS system also provide separate bar codes to each record, for its proper identification and tracking, in cases of physical movement.

Vehicle branding :- The 'Vehicle Branding' feature, aims at creating differentiation of these special purpose GPS installed record transport vehicles, from the normal or other purpose vehicles. It enhances security of the vehicle since branding makes it more identifiable and hence acts as a deterrent to theft/hijack etc. Increased visibility helps the company as a means of advertisement since tens of thousands of people watch and sees the branded trucks. Therefore tracking the moving units does provide an organization an additional measure of accountability, safety and security. Security of records during in-vehicle movement is the most immediately realized benefit of this newly developed RMS records management program.