CBSL Group is on a mission to achieve excellence in record storage solutions. We intend to delight Corporates with comprehensive solutions for Management of Records and information, leading to overall improvement of employee productivity.



In the recent past our Record Management Solutions Division has achieved successful storage of over 1.5million cartons. CRC Patna too has joined the league of the one lakh group with our other centers namely Mumbai, Bhondsi , Chandigarh and Hyderabad.

The Pan India consolidated Feedback Grading by our existing & prospective customers are as follows:

  • Jul-Sep 2015: 66.6% Excellent, 33.3% Good & Nil Average.

  • Oct-Dec 2015: 83 % Excellent, 17% Good & Nil Average

Record management solutions has added new chapters to its success story by:

  • Creating storage facilities at 42 warehouses in 22 countries across India.

  • Acquiring 5, 05,683 Sqr. Ft. storage area with racking capacity of 17, 29, 291 cartons.

  • Acquiring 78,502 Sqr. Ft. storage area PAN India during the year 2015.

New sites acquired in Indore, Bhubaneswar & Guwahati during the last quarter of December, 2015. Six- tier Racking system installed at Panchkula(Chandigarh) Site.


We have succeeded in building long-term trustworthy associations with some of the best organizations nationally. CBSL records management program is advantageous as it provides a well-organized file plan� which enables an organization to find information easily. Records that are correctly filed and stored are easily accessible, and this facilitates transparency and accountability. The orderly and efficient flow of information enables the organization to perform its functions successfully and efficiently. Besides maintenance and organization of records, the record management program of CBSL leads to elimination of unnecessary duplication of records. Controls are exercised to ensure that only authorized persons have access to the information, thus preventing information and/or the records from being stolen or damaged. This ensures the protection of privacy and confidentiality, and prevents the inappropriate disclosure of information that could harm the organization or infringe the privacy rights of individuals.